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History Club

The Museum Club at Demo High School is made up of students, teachers, staff and parents who are interested in the fine arts. We visit a local museum every other month. We also visit a local artist's studio once every semester. Every spring break, we visit a major city and its museums. This past trip was to Chicago. During and after visits, we discuss what we saw and how it relates to topics in the classroom. We hope to see you at our next museum visit in September, when we'll go to the new Asian Art Museum.

The Art Institute of Chicago & The City of Chicago


Museum and Studio Visits

September Asian Art Museum
October Artist's Studio
November Ceramics Museum
January Fashion Institute
February Artist's Studio
Spring Break New York City!
May Native American Museum

History Club Locker

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Artist's Studio: Nathan Thompson

106-0644_IMG.JPG 106-0651_IMG.JPG 106-0653_IMG.JPG 106-0647_IMG.JPG 106-0658_IMG.JPG

History Club Locker

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